Curriculum vitae


Career objectives


As a manager, I want to contribute to the expansion of a dynamic entreprise through the judicious use of my experience.



I  establish harmonious interpersonnel relations at work. I like to succeed in meeting and exceeding objectives that are well defined. I am curious of new ideas and perspectives and enjoy challenges. The search for excellence and perfection characterizes me.


Employment history


1997            Consultant in administration and IT

1995            Association des Hôteliers du Québec, general manager

1981            Consultant, administration and computer information systems

1980            Société générale d'informatique, Consulting manager

1979            Price Waterhouse, senior consultant

1977            Canadian Titanium Pigments, Manager, computer information systems

1972            RCA division des pièces et accessoires, manager 

1970            Johnson & Johnson programmeur, senior analyst

1969            Canadair ,programmer analyst


Main achievements


Reduction of the accumulated deficit by 40% in 1 year and 90% decrease in research time for answers to membership questions. (Association des Hôteliers du Québec)


Reversal of the client’s negative perception of data processing by the reduction of errors and lateness in report production (Canadian Titanium Pigments)


Assistance in obtaining capital investments of 5 million dollars through the comprehensive presentation of quantified and attainable objectives (Graphicor)


Increase in revenues by organizing successful events. (Fondation Gérard-Delage, Coupe Gérard-Delage, Association des hôteliers du Québec) 


Improvement in communication with members by the usage of current technologies which enabled close to instantaneous questioning and information. (Association des hôteliers du Québec)


Organizing  a gastronomic meal for 850 persons to which 15 hôtels, 15 restaurants and 10 confectioners participated. The music was supplied by a symphonic orchestra and each guest had a unique menu. This succeeded in increasing awareness of the organisation as well as procuring funds for development. (Fondation Gérard-Delage)


Organizing  a Gastronomic Rally during which guests were transported by limousines to each of 5 restaurants amongst 30 of the best in Montréal, where they ate a different dish.


Functional experience



Promotion Atlantique, distribution organisation

Job evaluation, functional organisation 

Groupe Royal Lefebvre, Trucking firm    

Functional organisation, computer system development and installation

Association. Hôteliers du Québec

Governance principles, Financial clean up

    Start ups

Graphicor, mining company

Purchase control of mining and conversion equipment, 10 year expansion plan

Les Alizés, Hotel

design and implementation of a reservation system

RCA data processing department in an international structure

development of a sales entry, communication and reporting system

    Data processing audits

SECAL (Alcan), Bovril, Gamebridge, Holt Renfrew, Domtar, Siemens, Biscuits David, Limocolor, Laboratoire du Dr. Renaud


    System development

Symphonie Gastronomique: Fondation Gérard-Delage, Palais des Congrès

Point Commun: entertainment system used by Bell, Super C, Association des Hôteliers du Quebec. Particularity: this system can be used in one language (in 4) while reports are printed in another language.

SOLBASE III: Software generation package :Accueil du Rivage, Accueil Sorel-Tracy, Remorques le Convoi, many others. Particularity:  bilingual system

Documentation control: Association des Hôteliers du Québec

Monthly banking control: Association des Hôteliers du Québec

Agenda/phone directory, postal system: Yves Delage

Conversion 2000: Y2K concept to facilitate conversion : Résidence Sorel-Tracy, Accueil du Rivage, Remorque le Convoi, Odyssee

    Public communications written and oral

Published articles: Hôtellerie Restauration, l'Hôtelier, Computer Data

HotFax: internal communications with members of  l’Association des hôteliers du Québec

The Bulletin: Data Processing Management Association newsletter

Letters to ministers and members of the national assembly, Association des Hôteliers du Québec

Press conference July 1996 for the Association des hôteliers du Québec

Seminars on data processing, Institut de Tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec

    Other written documents

Feasibility studies, strategic planning, audit reports, action policies, request for proposals, analysis reports, job descriptions.

     Event organization

Fondation Gérard-Delage: Symphonie gastronomique 1991 et 1995, Golf tournament,  book launching, wine cellar lottery, roasts, wine tasting

Association des Hôteliers du Québec: Convention 1995 and 1996, golf tournament 1996, Salon Rendez-vous 1996-1997

Palais des Congrès: Symphonie Gastronomique 1997 et 1998

Coupe Gérard-Delage: competition, gala and fund raising 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

Personally : wine tasting, gastronomic meals

 Personal qualifications


    Academic background

1966            BA Philosophy, Université de Caen

1968            Economics, 1 year Université de Montréal

1969            Certificat in Programming

(College of electronic computer  Programming) Montréal 

    Additional courses

1970            Industrial psychology, statistics ( Mc Gill University  MBA program)

1973            Communications (Sperry Rand)

1995            Wine tasting: Les Connaisseurs, cycle 1 and cycle 2 (SAQ)

1997            Spanish language (3 sessions en 1997, continuation en 1998)

                        Organisation accounting, autodidactical


French: 100% parlé/écrit

English:  100% parlé/écrit

Spanish : studying since April 1997

     Professional and paraprofessional activities

            Many gastronomic and wine tasting societies such as :

Les Amitiés Gastronomiques internationales

Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde (President)

Les Héritiers du Prince (Secretary)

Conseil National des confréries Bachiques et Gastronomiques (Executive Director)

Le Club des Seize 

            La Fondation Gérard-Delage (secretary)

            La Coupe Gérard-Delage (secretary)

            La Société Canadienne des directeurs d'association

            Comité aviseur sur les relations inter-culturelles de Montréal (CARIM) 


References will be given upon request  


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